ESM is a textile company based in Northern Portugal, where the heart of the Portuguese textile industry is located. Since 1986, we are a highly specialized company in the development and production of clothing for fashion brands. We have technical and human resources with decades of experience in the textile sector, which significantly contributes to the offer of high-quality products.

With a very flexible internal structure, we are able to adapt to the needs of our customers, thus being able to produce and deliver orders in a timely manner.

ESM has an annual production capacity of approximately 100,000 pieces of clothing.

Our daily commitment to quality allows us to establish a lasting and trustworthy relationship with leading brands in the industry, both nationally and internationally.

Meet the founders

In 1986, Emília Rosa Teixeira dos Santos and José de Sousa Marques founded the company. Later, in 1992, their son Hermenegildo Romeu Santos Marques joined the company, helping it become what it is today.

A constantly growing company.


Our top priority will always be customer satisfaction, and therefore, we work daily to ensure the quality of our products and services. We believe that it is through this commitment that we can maintain the trust and loyalty of our customers.

We pay attention to details and environmental and social standards, which ensures responsibility and respect for all parties involved in our production chain.

In short, the combination of technical and human resources, as well as our commitment to quality and responsibility, are the pillars that allow us to offer high-quality and innovative textile products to our customers.


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